What to Expect


Our music at Southside is traditional, but also uplifting, inspirational, and reflective.  We sing as a congregation directly out of the hymnals.  It is our desire during the music portion of our service to turn our focus towards God and we do our best to make it all about Him.  We are dedicated to making sure that the music at Southside Baptist Church, whether congregational singing or special music, is not worldly or fleshy.  We take a strong stand against any and all forms of Contemporary Christian Music.


We strive to preach practical messages straight from God’s Word.  We believe that it has the power to truly change lives and that it holds all of life’s answers.  We believe that the King James Bible is the inspired and preserved Word of God.  We do not allow any other version to be used in the teaching or preaching at Southside Baptist Church.


We love Children of all ages here at Southside Baptist Church and provide excellent childcare at each one of our services. If you have a baby three years or younger we would ask that, out of respect for others, you register them in our nursery. During our Sunday School hour we also have classes for kids of all different age groups.  During the main service we have a special service in the back for children ages 6 through 12.


We do not invite you to Southside Baptist Church for your money. Our desire is that our service would be a gift to you, so don’t feel obligated to give during the offering time. All we ask is that you would fill out a visitor card that is provided to you and place it in the offering plate as it comes by so that we could have a record of your visit.


At our services you will find people dressed in a variety of formality levels—“Sunday best,” business casual, and more casual.  We at Southside value attire that reflects an awareness of the God we worship.  We do believe in a high standard of dress for the leadership of the church, but we do not expect any of our guests to “dress a certain way”.  Please come however you would like.  Don’t be overly concerned about your dress; we’re just happy you would like to be with us.